This is the true story of The Great Escapees

We are seven people in a band, all friends and family. Some of us have known each other and played together always, eventually expanding from videogames and action figures to instruments. Others have joined our ranks later on when given the opportunity. Almost all of us are from the southern suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden, which is evident to some extent in the way we do things and the songs and stories we write. For instance we're DIY to the point of obnoxiousness, and we've come to accept the dichotomy of inside/outside Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft as our favorite subject.

In other words: We're punk as fuck.

We're also the creative core of our extended family W.A.F, our tribe and circle of continuous collaborators. This far we've managed to write and record a mixtape consisting of twelve early TGE-songs, then together expand on it's story in a short proof of concept comic book and present everything through various media. This initial project, "Out of the Woodwork", resulted in both the idea and the urge to do something larger and expand even further on our themes and characters. Therefore we've initiated "The Roaring Project", an attempt at a long-running, multimedia storytelling project with the band's songs as centerpieces to a vast and imaginative original storyline targeted at an audience longing for immersive high quality material. In other words: We're a new kind of band.

We realize that this sounds like big labels talking. Like just another spin on the same old product. We assure you that it is not. And we hope that you will come to realize that through our already released as well as our upcoming material. All we want to do is tear it all down and grow something new.


The Great Escapees 2013

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